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e static shadows
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As a sense organ skin is both a passive and an active communicator, so it can function simultaneously in both directions - inwards and outwards from the body. The skin registers the incoming stimuli from the outer world, but also very obviously communicates our feelings of shame, fear, stress, anger in the form of colour changes - redness, paleness, red spots or sweat and goose bumps.

The starting point for the 'Pulsating Object' is derived from biology and our bodily responses to internal and external stimuli. For instance: change of skin colour in response to stimuli coming from our nervous system, or changes in our blood circulation as a reaction to excessive heat. The analogy used for this installation is that of human skin reactions to physical and psychological stimuli - skin as a sensor and biochemical mechanism.

'Pulsating Object' is an interactive heat-sensitive textile installation, which responds to changing environmental conditions. The textile object treated with thermochromic inks functions as a reversible indicator of fluctuating ambient temperatures, or a stroke of warm air, by changing colour. The colour-change takes place in pulsating wave-like movements across the whole object so that it becomes virtually 'alive'. My interest was to achieve an illusion of a living body within the enclosed membrane and to establish the analogy with the living skin tissue.