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These three quotes by Gottfried Knapp have inspired and formed the point of departure as well as the references for the installation 'Rustle/Rauschen':

"The word 'angel' we connect with experiences that deny rational explanation. With the help of mysterious winged messengers, we attempt to humanise, domesticate and make accessible to our own intellects that which would otherwise remain alien or even sinister."

"Angels are omnipresent. You rarely see them, but you can sense what they are doing. They make their presence felt wherever we use our imagination, whenever the power of reason reaches its limits. Angels do not necessarily resemble the image we have of them. The pictures we find in museums and on postcards represent the wishful thinking of artists of diverse periods and backgrounds; such depictions tell us more about human dreams than about the nature of celestial beings."

"Human beings have always dreamed of being able to fly; this ability has always featured in important myths. If human beings could cast off their terrestrial fetters and overcome the force of gravity - perhaps with the aid of fire - they would no longer be captives of the earth. A person who can soar on wings above everyone else is akin to the gods."