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The science of biology has prominently entered our everyday lives. It is forcing us to re-think all those terms, which are essential for our lives and self-confidence: Personality, Identity, Health, Body, Nature, Destiny, Guilt as in the age of artificial cells and optimal organisms, the entire idea of life starts to change. Traditional boundaries are disappearing. Genes and organs are transferred and exchanged. Organic tissues are grown in labs. Cybernetic research is becoming evermore complex; technological and human systems are moving nearer and nearer towards each other in such a way that it gets increasingly difficult to distinguish between them.

With regard to this cultural context I was interested in investigating the physicality and functions of the epidermis using contemporary bio-medical mapping methods of the skin. I have examined the anatomical structures and textures of human skin tissue using high-tech microscopic imaging technologies.

Interrogation of the human body's physical data, using modern biological imaging systems, allows us to enter a new world: the microcosm of the human body. In this work various skin surfaces are investigated using volunteers of different race, age and gender. For this purpose skin impressions, so called negative replicas of the horny layer of epidermis, were taken and photographed using a light microscope or optical lens. The use of scientific methods for charting and mapping the skin's physical data, its structures and functions, originated the photo series 'Skin Maps'.