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In biological terms, our body has become a kind of replaceable 'Homo-kit' - it is possible to replace a non-functioning liver, to do artificial skin implantation or even to genetically manipulate the properties of an unborn child.

Nevertheless, according to Claudia Benthien who examines the changing significance of skin through analyses of literature, art, philosophy, in the collective consciousness the skin still remains the site where the 'I' finds its home. It is the border at which subjects can meet each other. In 20th century philosophy and art the skin has often been used as a metaphor for isolation, distance between people and the 'strangeness' of the other under his skin. ...and historically, the cultural preoccupation with skin has become increasingly visual.

Skin is also our interface with the outer world. The work series 'Touch' is investigating our contact places with the environment. In this project the moves of the hand are sequenced attempting to trace and record the trajectory of a conscious movement using an ordinary office scanner. In this case the scanner is used both as a recording device and as an obstacle for the movement which makes the contact places with its surface visible.